Sales Training

Classroom instruction continues to play an important role in training and education. edChunk takes detailed technical topics and breaks them down into simple, foundational concepts with exercises that engage learners and ensure retention of key concepts. Ask us for references and samples.


Inoculants Sales Training Program

This troubleshooting course reviews the basics of packet transport through a local exchange carrier (LEC).


Communications Principles

Good salesmen are good listeners. When a salesperson listens, he or she discovers hot buttons and needs that can be matched with product and service benefits.


Pricing Strategy

A 1% increase in price equals an 11% increase in profits. Most organizations have a marketing strategy, but a proper pricing strategy can maximize revenue.


Consultative Selling

While customers are attracted to a low price, it is value that wins the day. Customers value service providers how they feel understand their issues and can solve their problems.