The challenges of smaller screen spaces and limited interactivity are balanced against the opportunity for learners to collaborate, use their cameras, GPS and other mobile features in learning.

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ValuFoods Self Trainer

Self training orientation, training and reference for supermarket employee. Why not allow employees train themselves? Created in Articulate Storyline for the iPad.


Emotional Health Values

This lesson is part of an Emotional Health series. this lesson focusses on Values. Responsive. Created in Captivate 9.


Fire Alarm Systems

A mini-lesson on basic parts of a fire alarm system designed to run on smart phones. Created in Lectora.


Home Security

This performance support tool allows installers of home security systems to access installation troubleshooting, reference content and locate product and service information for upselling customers. Created in Articulate Storyline for the iPad.


Inoculant Value Calculator

Built for Dupont Pioneer, this app demonstrates the return on investment of adding Pioneer brand inoculants to a grower's silage. The grower enters volume and agronomic data and receives calculations on how inoculants produce more meat and more milk.


Residue Counter

Corn residue has nitrogen, an essential crop nutrient. A grower adjusts the amount of nitrogen he applies based in large part on the amount of corn residue in his fields. Calculating the corn residue used to be tricky and time consuming. This image processing app allows growers to snap a photo of their field then using filters attain an accurate measure of corn residue.


Canola Seeding Calculator

In this app, canola growers enter agronomic variables and receive a count of the number of seeds needed to achieve desired yields.