The principals at edChunk have been developing eLearning since 1984. We use Lectora, Camtasia, Storyline, Captivate, Presenter, Flash, html and javascript. We use the tools that best fit our client's needs and delivery platforms.

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Security Awareness Training

Built in Flash, this exercise challenges the learner to identify security risks in her environment.


Dress Code

Each of us has our own perception of appropriate dress. Even when an organization establishes a dress policy, there needs to be training to ensure employees correctly interpret and follow the dress code.


Pork Board Human Resource Training

Created in HTML, this course instructs pork production facility managers on basic human resource practices.


License to Sell

When your company has a few different businesses all with similar names, it becomes very important to ensure the correct version of the company name is on the contract. Authored in Flash, the opening animation sets a Mad Men like tone for the course.

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Occupant Protection: Types of Crashes

Built in HTML5, this is Module 2 of an 8 module course on occupant protection usage and enforcement (OPUE) built for safety officers in the state of Minnesota

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Northwest Airlines Samples

Applications, courses and games from our work at Northwest Airlines. Lots of good training, mostly put together in Flash and HTML.

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