edChunk creates videos, animations, promotional web presentations,technical documentations, leader guides, participant guides; all media and mixed media forms of deliverables for training and communications.

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promotional web presentation in Flash


Employee Benefits Online Services

This 2 minute promotion for putting employee benefits online opened a major conference and served as a web resource for announcing the services. Play Promo



Resources for New Employees

This desktop site serves as a guide for onboarding new employees. Checklists, timeline and resources. Review Website



ICD-10 Tour

The narrator takes you on an ICD-10 tour of claims processing. Watch Animation

sample video animation



The Pioneer Livestock Nutrition Center, located in rural Iowa, is a world leader in silage research. This tour highlights the people, livestock, processes and research results.Watch Video

customer experience writing sample


Customer Experience Facilitator Guide

Corn residue has nitrogen, an essential crop nutrient. A grower adjusts the amount of nitrogen he applies based in large part on the amount of corn residue in his fields. Calculating the corn residue used to be tricky and time consuming. This image processing app allows growers to snap a photo of their field then using filters attain an accurate measure of corn residue. Sample

Technical Writing sample

Technical Writing

Fortus Instructor Manual

An instructor manual for 3d printer software.Sample