Mobility, Learning, Communication.

Headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, edChunk creates mLearning products, mLearning strategies, apps, websites, classroom instruction, eLearning, video magazines, webinars, performance support materials and tools.
edChunk focuses on training and education strategies that solve business problems while creating engaging, impactful training for the student.

Company Founder

Upon graduating from Dartmouth College, Adam Spindell embarked on a career of training, interactivity and multimedia. Adam served instructional design, programming, technology and supervisory roles for WICAT systems, Northwest Airlines, Fireman’s Fund Insurance, DirectAg and others. Among Adam’s career stops, he served as Executive Producer of the Games division of Rhythm & Hues studio, a Hollywood special effects studio which has won Oscars for their work on Babe, Golden Compass and Life of Pi. For the past 15 years, Adam Spindell has served as President of EdChunk.